Back to Basics # 58: Get Header Values with Webresource in Dynamics CRM


In Dynamics 365 CRM, for certain requirements we need to get header values that are present in a record. We can get values with form context. As an example, on contact record form context was used to retrieve value of owner.

Step 1:

Login to the required environment and select required solution [Contact Customizations Solution in this case] as shown in the   below figure.

Step 2:

After Step 1, select contact web resource in solution and click on Edit as shown in the below figure.

Step 3:

After Step 2, below code to be used to get the values that were present in header field of contact record

var headerownername;





As shown in the below figure

Step 4:

After Step 3, keep the above code snippet inside a function and register it on form load event of contact table(entity) form and final code looks like below

if (typeof (ContosoVaccination) == “undefined”)


    var ContosoVaccination = {__namespace: true};


if (typeof (ContosoVaccination.Scripts) == “undefined”)


    ContosoVaccination.Scripts = {__namespace: true};


ContosoVaccination.Scripts.ContactForm =


    handleOnLoad: function (executionContext)


        console.log(‘on load – contact form’);



    __namespace: true


function  showDialog(executionContext)


    let formContext = executionContext.getFormContext();

    if (formContext !== null && formContext != ‘undefined’)


        var headerownername;





        var confirmStrings =


        text:”Owner Details : “+ headerownername,

        title:”Header value” ,


        cancelButtonLabel: “No”


        var confirmOptions = { height: 200, width: 450 };

        Xrm.Navigation.openConfirmDialog(confirmStrings, confirmOptions).then(

        function (success) {   

            if (success.confirmed)

                console.log(“Dialog closed using Yes button.”);


                console.log(“Dialog closed using No button or X.”);



}As shown in the below figure

Step 5:

After Step 4, save Webresource and publish it and publish all the customisations and open a contact record and observe dialog with header value title and value as shown in the below figure.


  1. Make sure to publish all customizations and upload JavaScript (js) file.

Conclusion: In this way, one can easily get header values  Webresource(javascript).

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