Back to Basics #2 : How to Add Sales App to D365 CRM Environment


After creation of CRM environment, to add Sales App to D365 CRM Environment follow below process

Step 1 :

Login to with your CRM Environment credentials as shown below.

Step 2 :

In the right hand side , expand Resources tab and select Dynamics 365 apps as shown below

Step 3 :

Once we click on Dynamics 365 Apps, page will be navigated to ,in this page select Dynamics 365 for Sales, Enterprise Edition App   and click on 3 dots […] and you can see install option, click on it as shown below

Step 4:

Once install option is selected, a screen will be opened like quick view right side of the page , in that select environment which you would like to install sales app, as an example an environment will be selected and select check box I agree to the terms of service and click on install as shown below

Step 5:

Once click on install, one can see installing progress it will take some time to spin up the app as shown in the below screen

Step 6 :

After some time, we can observe respective Sales app will be shown as installed as shown below screen shot

Step 7:

Now open your environment and go to apps. As shown below you should see sales application as list of apps.

Note: In case of CRM Trial Environment, all the modules will be present by default.

Conclusion: In this way, we can add sales app to D365 CRM to CRM Environment.

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